Food Hunting with Restoran Indah Permai

It has been quite sometimes since we last introduced the restaurants around Klang Utara.

Today, let me bring you around to this place that is just a stone's throw away from the Shaw Centrepoint Klang, Restoran Indah Permai 】!

Restoran Indah Permai 】 is famous for their Nasi Ayam Penyet, Kambing Bakar and Asam Pedas! 

What is so special about their Ayam Penyet? 

Ayam Penyet is basically fried chicken that is smashed with the pestle-and-mortar to make it softer and served with slices of cucumber, fried tempeh, and a spicy sambal.

The chicken was marinated so well such that its flavours went into the tender meat.

Crispy, crunchy, ayam penyet that's one of my favourites! It’s also fried to a crisp golden brown and I could not help but started to snack from the skin first.

The homemade sambal sauce is giving that extra kick whenever it matches with that crispy fried chicken! 

The Asam Pedas recipe is 100% Malacca local recipe, as the founder of this restaurant was originated from Malacca.

The sour and spicy taste play well to achieve the delicious balance on our taste bud! Yummy! 

The third famous dishes I want to highlight here is the mouthwatering KAMBING BAKAR.

The lamb meat was sliced in the opposite direction instead of parallel to the fibres to make sure you're well on your way to ridiculously tender, juicy lamb meat.

The friendly and ambitious young lady boss, Ms Deyyana. As told by Ms Deyyana, she wished that she could bring back the glorious time when her grandmother was being able to sell at least 30 whole chickens each day. 

She clearly understood how much the economic downfall is affecting their business, and she wishes that people who love to eat ayam penyet, asam pedas and kambing bakar, do not lose their passion and keep coming back to them. She also mentioned that the limited parking space and traffic congestion at Klang town have always been their customers' biggest problem.

There are a lot of customers who came all the way from Shah Alam, Port Klang and many more places just to drop by and have their lunch at Restoran Indah Permai. However, the two major problems that were mentioned earlier have been bothering them for years. Thus, she decided to join which provides food delivery around Klang to expand her business to a wider range of food hunters who love their food. 

Restoran Indah Permai 】 is located at  NO 7 BLOCK B, ARKED MARA JALAN MELAYU, 41400 KLANG, SELANGOR. Currently, they are collaborating with Majlis Amanah Malaysia (MARA). Due to the fact that Restoran Indah Permai has joined in the online food delivery service, they are claimed by MARA as the "role model" for other hawkers. 

Click HERE to order: 

Restoran Indah Permai 



Delivery Time: Monday~Sunday (11 am - 10 pm) (Tues & Wed off) 

Preferred Payment Method:EcoCredit 

Other Payment Methods:Online Banking/ATM (Cash on Delivery is not available)

Delivery Partner: EcoExpress



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