Sellers Open Store Policy

(1) Merchant Qualification Requirements:
• SSM / Business Registration Certificates (M & A, Form 9, 24and 49)
• Diretor's NRIC (Front and Back)

(2) Personal Certification
• NRIC (Front and Back)
• Utilities Bill (TNB / Syabas / TM)

NOTE: The seller of personal authentication settled only temporary standards. When the relevant institutions or government agencies must have business registration mandatory standard, the seller must do their own platform settled on registering to comply with standards. Sellers do not meet standards will be repaying platform settled shop services.

Please send the documents to:

Ecomall fees and deposit visit

Ecomall Platform Margin / platform fee / rate standard


Ecomall amount paid to the seller in order to guarantee standardized operation and shop for goods and service quality guarantees. When a seller of default, violation, Ecomall may, in accordance with the agreement signed by the seller in the relevant conventions and rules Ecomall open platform deduct the amount ⾦ guarantee payments as compensation for breach of contract ⾦ ⾦ gold or giving buyers.

Margin complement refund deductions in accordance with relevant agreements and Ecomall open platform rules apply for the seller to sign the agreement;

Margin standard open platform for each business category Ecomall corresponding detailed "business category tariff list Ecomall open platform."

Platform fee: fixed technical service fee paid in accordance with the Ecomall when the seller signed the relevant protocol Ecomall open platform services.

See Ecomall platform open standard platform fee for each business category corresponding "business category tariff list Ecomall open platform."

Corresponding platform fee renewals service during the annual renewal of the seller shall be one-time payment of about thirty days prior to the expiration; one-time payment platform service fee corresponding period when Seller shall, within the newly signed settled approved.

Platform fee settlement:

· The seller take the initiative to stop shop service platform fee will not be returned;

· Seller due to irregularities or fraud are repaying qualification platform fee will not be returned;

· ID of independent shops as a shop, if the seller under the operating conditions shall be opened multiple stores shall pay the corresponding fee according to the number of internet shops.

· Rates: Seller rata (the proportion of the relevant agreement signed with the seller called Transaction Fees 5%) to Ecomall pay fees according to business categories in reaching every single transaction Using available.

Ecomall open platform business model of each respective business categories corresponding standard rate of 5%.

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