Platform Preorder

Pre-order seller
1. Pre-seller self: after seller receives purchase order confirmation can be made and shipped within the expected time
2. Pre-platform: after seller receives order confirmation, the platform will be to arrange the procurement and delivery in time overdue.

Pre-order platform

Pre-2.1 platform is an opportunity sellers can easily find sources, allowing the seller to get a lot of wholesale prices, then purchasing the platform to handle all purchase orders and imports.

2.2 platform pre-order price should include:
Product price + delivery costs /1.6+ 10% freight (sea / air) - the cost of basic goods
5% of the packaging costs (MUST) everything arrived in Malaysia, inspected and packaged arrangements for delivery
5% purchasing services (sure) purchasing for the first payment order products
The price of ordinary products calculated product + delivery costs /1.6* 1.2 is the product price (air)
Volume / Weight calculation additionally

10 percent to protect the family service (home appliances / precious Items - 1 year) repair warranty home
10 percent sensitive goods
5% of product quality and quantity to protect the family - the quality and quantity assurance
10% Dispatch - particularly specified date
3% Insurance - customer received the goods broken on the way

3. Pre-process platform
Sellers set of products will be input costs and prices, if you choose the platform purchasing, please put a link on the relevant product options, and calculate the cost, if the platform to accept the purchase price, it will be automatically approved shelves. If the price is a problem, the platform will contact the seller.

4. Pre-have platform includes basic service seven days

5. Pre-order platform will be the responsibility of the Esourcing Marketing, one of more than three years of professional procurement company.