#How to buy?

Picture 1: Click the 'people' symbol at up right inside the photo

Picture 2: Then, you will be bring to log in page. If you're not member of our website, you will have two options to register as member. There's option A & option B. Option A can login by your Facebook. Option B is register account by fill up your details. If you're member of our website, please fill up the 'Returning Customer' at down right.

Picture 2A: If you choose to log in by option A, you will be link to Facebook log in page. Key in your email address & password.

Picture 2.1A: After you log in to Facebook successful, the page inside the picture will appear. Please click 'Continue as XXX' (your Facebook account). You have become Ecomall member now. (Example: Picture 3)  

Picture 2: If you choose to log in by option B, click Continue to register account.

Picture 2B: Key in your username, name, email, password, password confirm, mobilephone & tick beside the privacy notice. Then, click 'continue'. 

Picture 3: You have become Ecomall member now.

Picture 4: After log in successful, you can click 'Category' or 'search product' to buy your favourite products.

Picture 5: After choose the product you want, click 'Add to Cart' below the product.

Picture 6: After click 'Add to Cart', you will see top of the page appear like inside the picture mentioned that the product have add to your shopping cart successful. 

Picture 7: After you finish add to cart the products you want to buy, click the 'shopping cart' symbol at upright, then click checkout. 

Picture 8: Choose your billing address, if you want to add new address, you can choose 'I want to use a new address'. System will use the address you enter when you register as default. After you choose the billing address, click Continue

Picture 9: Choose your delivery address. System will use the address you enter when you register as default. If you want to add new address, you can choose 'I want to use a new address'.

After choose delivery address, click Continue

Picture 10: Then, choose a delivery method. Delivery method will be given by seller. After choose delivery method, click Continue

Picture 11: Choose payment method. Our website can accept payment by bank transfer only. After choose, tick at the Terms & Conditions. Then, click Continue

Picture 12: After checking your order is correct, click 'Confirm Order'. Then, you can make payment by bank transfer.

Payment Method 
  1. Cheque
  2. ATM 
  3. Online Bank Transfer 


银行:Maybank Berhad


Picture 13: Your order have been submit. Wait! Remember upload the bank in slip to us. After you successful transfer the payment, click the 'people' symbol at up right inside the photo.

Picture 14: Click 'View your order history'

Picture 15: Click 'View' at the order

Picture 16: You will bring to 'Order Information', at the bottom of the page, click Upload. After upload the bank in slip to us, our customer support will confirm your payment very soon.