Delivery Information

Food Delivery Time:

Delivery time varies from restaurant to restaurant. It also depends on the number of orders that the restaurant has to prepare and on the distance between the restaurant and your delivery address. Normally, it takes around 60 minutes. After placing an order, a more precise delivery time will be communicated to you by our delivery partners, EcoExpress.


Delivery Time:
West Malaysia: 2-5 days
East Malaysia: 7-10 days / 2-4 weeks shipping
Other: Shipping 2-4 weeks airmail 3-4 weeks

Delivery Area:
Malaysia (East Malaysia / West Malaysia), Singapore and Brunei

Do not prompt:
If you fill in the Address, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays delivery time will be extended accordingly.
Orders containing both w / large volume of product is not supported expedited courier.
Some of the goods intended to purchase the city is provided by the contract with the Italian city of merchants purchase these commodities and the cost of shipping method determined by the merchant.
EMS is the choice of faster service delivery and distribution companies, which includes Pos Malaysia, Skynet, Gdex, Citylink, ABX, Airpack, EasyParcel, DHL, Fedex, etc

East Malaysia and international peace postal sea selectable air
● courier delivery orders
● post office mail order
● Special category inspection sign Caution

Express delivery orders :
1. The courier will meet you open the package inspection is intended to purchase network (must be with a knife at a neat gash adhesive tape, torn boxes are not allowed);
2. Inspection Notes: When courier delivery, if there are "Seals Code", you must first sign and then Unpacking the packaging of goods;
3. Inspection content: including commodities and accessories, quantity, intended purchase net invoice, invoice (if any), warranty (if any) and the like;
4. Inspection exception: After inspection, if found wrong hair goods, less hair goods, commodities sign factors affecting surface quality problem, you can explain the situation on the spot and refused to courier.

Postal service orders:
1. You must be careful to open the package, in order to avoid sharp objects damage to merchandise within the package;
2. Inspection contents: including commodities and accessories, quantity, intended purchase net invoice, invoice (if any), warranty (if any) and the like;
3. Inspection exception: if the packaging is damaged, the wrong goods, commodities less fat, the presence of surface quality merchandise, etc. You can select an entire single refused; or ask the post office to issue relevant certificates after receipt, and then landing net purchases intended to apply to return or application replacement.

Special category inspection sign Caution :
Beauty a nursing class, baby products
When sent, as found merchandise expired or expired less than three months away, but when the deliveryman face to explain the situation, and do not sign the entire single spot.

Health food commodities:
When served, such as the discovery of goods expired or expired less than two months away, but when the deliveryman face to explain the situation, and do not sign the entire single spot.

Large home appliances Goods

1) are not self-unpacking inspection, please be sure to check the packaging is intact upon receipt, whether opened, such as damaged packaging is opened, you do not sign the entire single spot;
2) contact the factory service center to arrange pick-box installation, installation workers are not on the front after the receipt of goods, do not unpack;
3) If the self-unpacking merchandise in question, intended to purchase reserves the right not to accept this on the grounds of the return. Such as quality problems are found during installation, factory sales staff will be on-site inspection report issued by the quality, if not issued by the quality inspection report, please contact the manufacturer directly to the customer after-sales department, factory sales department will arrange personnel door test, customers with quality inspection report and intended to purchase Network Service Center for return matters;
4) Large appliances commodity after installation you keep the packaging 30 days, otherwise the goods within 30 days due to quality problems return, we need to bear the costs of packaging materials when replacement.

Mobile phones commodity inspection sign standard:
1) is intended to share net import of mobile phones, will be randomly sent with the "mobile phone warranty chapters" at the time of shipment, please check the warranty sticker chapter dedicated network of packaging within the meaning buy when you receive the phone;
2) If the presence of the product packaging to check the goods found damaged packaging, broken plastic factory, the original seal affixed damaged, the wrong goods, goods less fat and other issues, please first receipt of goods, and the spot is intended to purchase network contact customer service to explain the situation, Photos provided physical goods for return, return merchandise does not support face to face;
3) If the product itself packaging intact, the packaging or the product itself that you will stick open after sealing commodity inspection, commodity can not be returned on the spot, if you have any questions, please contact the customer service process intended to purchase network.

Clothing and shoes, sports outdoor apparel goods:
1) express delivery, customers can try on the spot, if not satisfied can not spot the entire single sign;
2) lingerie goods (such as underwear, socks, bras, etc.) does not provide a try, after receipt found to have quality problems, you can apply online self-return.

Luxury leather bags / Gold Jewelry / Swiss Watches:
Goods sure I sign, such as the presence of the packaging is damaged goods, the wrong goods, goods less fat, the situation affect the use of commodity surface quality problems, please first receipt of goods, and the spot is intended to purchase network contact customer service to explain the situation, the provision of goods handled in-kind photo Return, return merchandise does not support person.

Delivery common problems:

Q: How long after a merchant ship orders served?

Within 48 hours after the order is shipped, the merchant will be updated parcel number information on a page, you can follow the parcel number to the official website to view the corresponding logistics progress (meaning no net purchases on behalf of the hair).

Q: When self-service orders?

After the order is submitted successfully, the page will be prompted to expect time to page prompts you expected delivery time shall prevail.

Q: order has been submitted can not it?

Order "waiting to money", "pending review", "waiting for the sale of goods arrival", "is picking", "Waiting shift positions" under "are shifting positions" state can directly enter the "My Orders" click Rear Order number "Cancel" button to cancel; orders shipped

After contact courier company phone order page, tell them do not need to delivery; or you can choose not to sign in when commodity delivery.

Q: canceled orders also want to restore it?

We're sorry, the order once canceled, can not be restored, as you need to re-order the product please purchase.

Q: My order did not send over how to display the sign out?

Please first contact around friends, colleagues, guard inquire whether the collection of your package, if not, please contact customer service to assist the inquiry intended to purchase network package information.

Q: estimated time of arrival display delivery today, the sign can not convenient, you can send tomorrow?

You can directly contact order page displayed delivery telephone, communication delivery time.

Q: I want to contact the courier?

After the order is shipped, my order - detail page courier company will call for you to view.

Q: Can we compare this region with partial sure poslaju courier?

Order delivery company is the system randomly assigned and can not comment, if not express delivery, you can select the surface delivery mode.

Q: surface mail can be delivered?

Surface mail order from the post office delivery, specifically whether delivery to a local post office policies prevail, the general post office will not be delivered to your door.

Q: around the same account under the two orders can be sent over a piece of it?

Because the courier company is the system randomly assigned, so can not be guaranteed with a courier company delivery, we can not guarantee the delivery together.

Q: shipping address was wrong, you can modify it?

By submitting the order, the delivery address can not be modified, such as shipping address wrong, cancel the order, select the correct shipping address again later (at the same time need to remind you that cancel may change the price of commodity stocks and orders, please final When you submit an order date).

Q: phone number on the order can be amended?

Order "waiting to money", "pending review", "waiting for the sale of goods arrival" state can modify the order in "Information In addition to the above information, additional information can not be modified Note: You can not modify orders sub-parcel order information..

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