12.12 Crazy Sales

Terms and conditions

*Limited to the first 300
*Offer begins 12PM (noon), 12th December
*Amount will be credited to your Ecowallet
**Limited to one per person**

1. What is ECOWALLET?   

ECOWALLET is actually an exclusive e-wallet for you to shop with at Ecomall!
An e-wallet is a payment tool commonly used in e-Commerce activities such as shopping online, and is not something created in a day or two.
With e-Commerce on the rise, our lives have become much more convenient, but how can we help to make the shopping process more fluid and convenient?
At Ecomall, we have prepared the easiest and most satisfying shopping experience for you. As long as you are shopping in Ecomall, you can pay through the automatic deduction of EcoCredits in your Ecowallet.

2. What are EcoCredits? 

EcoCredits are the electronic cash of Ecomall, and can be used to purchase any of the goods available through Ecomall. Here are a few ways you can get EcoCredits:

  • As member rewards after a successful order transaction through Ecomall
  • Through certain, selected events
  • Buying EcoCredits with EcoWallet, such as through our link here -> http://bit.ly/29QIV7f


3. Why use EcoWallet?  

Because it has many benefits!   

  •  Secure:EcoWallet keeps the user's personal information on the server with advanced security, and does not store any personal data on the computer itself, thus avoiding the risk of data leakage. It is a lot of trouble should your banking details be stolen by someone unscrupulous when you need to make a transaction through a device that is not your own. EcoWallet gives you peace of mind when you perform a transaction.
  •  ConvenientKeep your EcoWallet topped up, and you can buy whenever you want!  
  •  FastWith EcoWallet, you don't have to be transferred to the payment bank's webpage when you shop. Make your purchases quickly, and directly!
  •  Save MoneyThe best feature! With EcoWallet, you won't have to pay any transaction fees!
  • Buy More, Get MoreMembers will receive EcoCredit rewards on a regular basis.


4. How to top up your EcoWallet

  • Click on this link -> http://bit.ly/29QIV7f
  • Select the amount you want to top up. (Note: Every RM 1 is equal to 1 EcoCredit. )
  • Your EcoWallet will verify your transaction
  • Receive a notification via email and SMS
  • Start shopping on Ecomall!


5. Terms and Conditions:

  • The EcoWallet has no expiration date.
  • EcoCredits can only be used at Ecomall.
  • EcoCredits can only be used for online transactions.
  • EcoCredits cannot be used to purchase more EcoCredits.
  • If the order exceeds the balance in the EcoWallet, the remainder must be paid through an additional payment method.
  • Excess EcoCredits in a transaction will be returned to your EcoWallet.
  • EcoCredits cannot be converted to cash.
  • Should the EcoWallet be used by others without the permission of the owner, Ecomall bears no responsibility to the EcoWallet owner.

6. Using your EcoWallet


Step 1 Add the item you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. 


Step 2 Click on the "Shopping Cart" icon in the top-right corner.


Step 3 Click “Order”.

Step 4  During checkout,the amount that will be deducted from your EcoWallet will be displayed clearly. Click "Continue".

Your delivery is now on its way!


If you have any questions, please call the hotline at 012-436 2326.

Thank you!