New Shipping Rate Updated !

Ecomall has a new shipping rate! Effective today, the new rates will be calculated from the restaurant to your location!

Please refer to the rate below :- 

First 4KM RM 2
4.1KM to 8KM RM 4
8.1KM to 9KM RM 5
9.1KM to 10KM RM 6
10.1KM to 11KM RM 7
11.1KM to 12KM RM 8
12.1KM to 13KM RM 9
13.1KM to 14KM RM 10
14.1KM to 15KM RM 11
15.1KM to 16KM RM 12
16.1KM to 17KM RM 13
17.1KM to 18KM RM 14
18.1KM to 19KM RM 15
19.1KM to 20KM RM 16


*In the meantime, our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible after you place your order to confirm the delivery fee.*
These changes will be automated after the latest update to our app.