Eco Wallet


  1. Recharge ECO Wallet online.
  2. ECO Wallet will be credited into account upon payment confirm
  3. Buyer will receive notification via email.
  4. Buyer shop their favourite products with pay via ECO Wallet in ECOMALL.


  1. ECO Wallet validity period: There is no expiry date for the ECO Wallet.
  2. ECO Wallet can only be redeemed on ECOMALL.
  3. ECO Wallet is valid for online purchases only.
  4. ECO Wallet cannot be used to purchase more ECO Wallet credit.
  5. If the value of an order exceeds the amount of credit in the ECO Wallet, the balance must be paid with an available payment method.
  6. If the value of an order is less than the amount of credit used from the ECO Wallet, the balance will be credited back into the buyer's ECO Wallet account.
  7. ECO Wallet credit is not exchangeable for cash or other replacements.
  8. We are NOT responsible if an ECO Wallet is used without your permission, as the responsibility of maintaining your password security lies with you.