MamyPoko Extra Dry Diapers (Newborn/ S/ M/ L/ XL / XXL)

MamyPoko Extra Dry Diapers (Newborn/ S/ M/ L/ XL / XXL)

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MamyPoko Extra Dry Diapers is divided into: 

Newborn48 (NB-5kg)

S44 (3kg-8kg)

M38 (6kg-11kg) 

L32 (9kg-14kg)

XL28 (12kg-17kg)

XXL22 (15kg - 25kg)   



Changing your baby’s diapers may not always go as smoothly or as quickly every time. MamyPoko’s Extra Dry range of diapers come with striped pad sheets which absorbs quickly and keeps your baby’s skin dry and comfortable for longer. MamyPoko Extra Dry Diaper Super Jumbo Pack are convenient for daily use with extra protection for your precious baby.

Speed wave pads absorb better
This MamyPoko Extra Dry Diaper Super Jumbo Pack features textured speed wave pad sheets which absorbs liquid better while keeping baby’s skin dry and clean. This allows your precious one to explore and go through the day comfortably. The superior absorbency feature also means there’s no need for frequent diaper changes or chances of the diaper leaking.

Breathable cover
Mamypoko Extra Dry Diaper Super Jumbo Pack has a natural and breathable cotton-like cover for baby’s added protection and comfort. This keeps your baby’s skin dry, cool and comfortable in our tropical weather. Now, your little one can move freely without causing irritation to his or her delicate skin.

About MamyPoko
Armed with over 50 years of experience, MamyPoko produces a range of high quality products with advanced protection and comfort features for your little one to grow up healthy and happy. Brought to you by Unicharm, MamyPoko aims to make parents’ duties simpler while enhancing the joy of raising kids.



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