Wyeth S-26 Progress Milk Powder Stage 3 (1-3years) (1.2kg)

Formulated growing-up milk powder for children age 1 to 3 years.

Children need to be provided with the necessary nutrients, as they get more active physically, and grow in tune with their inquisitive nature. The first 3 years is especially important in the nutritional life of a child, as the body's nutritional requirements are still relatively high during this time. Ensuring that toddlers receive the proper nutrients and supplements can be a difficult task. As a parent, giving the best to your child including the nutrition they need is important.

S-26® PROGRESS® formula is enriched with the goodness of DHA, AA plus Lutein to nurture your child beyond nutrition.


Newly Upgraded S-26® PROGRESS®




    AA & DHA is found abundantly in the brain. Balanced levels of AA and DHA supports healthy growth and development in toddlers as the brain growth spurt continues. (1)


    Balanced caloric distribution would supply your child adequate energy to play.


    Lutein is able to filter blue light and protects the eye (2)



Children build social skills when they play, which heightens social competence and emotional maturity. Your child needs a balanced combination of nutrition to support their physical development so your child plays freely and imaginatively.

S-26® Progress® growing-up milk is formulated for your child to get the nourishment they need to conquer the world ahead with support for growth and development.

For strong growth of bones and teeth.
Produced by natural plant sources through single cell organisms. The AA & DHA produced is clean and consistent as AA & DHA is found in the brain and eyes.
A molecular pigment that’s found in the retina and functions to protect the eyes of your child by filtering blue light.
5 Nucleotides
​Contains 5 nucleotides; GMP, UMP, AMP, CMP & IMP.
A type of protein quality whey. It is easily digested, absorbed and accepted by the body.
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