Anmum essential step 3 (1+ years) 500g Original

Anmum essential step 3 (1+ years) 500g Original

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Anmum™ Essential is formulated to help your child develop to reach his or her full potential.

Every mother knows the good things that DHA can do for a growing child. But that’s hardly the complete story. Your child also needs other nutrients like GA®, which work together with DHA to provide added benefits for your child’s brain development.


Every day, your child’s brain makes thousands of nerve connections as he learns. With the proper nutrition and stimulation to ensure optimal brain function development, you can enhance your child’s potential today.


Let’s make the smart choice – by choosing the special combination of DHA and GA® in Anmum™ Essential.


What’s in every glass?

Anmum™ Essential contains:


Absolutely no added sugars

Here’s one thing we know as a proven fact – children do not need excessive added sugars. So why have them in growing up milk? We definitely don’t. Find out more.


Inulin and FOS

Dietary fibres that are important in creating a good intestinal environment, for effective absorption of nutrients.


Sialic Acid

Sialic acid plays a role in brain development such as neural transmission.


Fortified with vitamins and minerals your child needs everyday

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