USB Power adapter with 4 USB Port

USB Power adapter with 4 USB Port

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USB Power adapter with 4 USB Port

  • 4 USB Power port
  • Suitable for iPhone / iPad/ Samsung/ Blackberry /HTC/Nokia / MOtorola/ LG / Sony/ other mobile phone
  • Input AC 110-240V -50-60Hr, 350mA
  • Single Output (ipad) DC Max-5.0V/2100mA
  • Total Output DC mAZ -5.0v...5000mA

Caution :

  • Indoor use only
  • Dry environment use only
  • When plug into AC power socket
  • prevent fingers or metal things from touching the metal plug of the charger
  • Do not pull the lead of plug hard
  • Do not take apart or knock the charger
  • Stop using the charger when cover or lead damge
  • LED indicator Empty load : blue , White : charging, blue +red
  • Complete charging : Blue

In package :

  • 1x usb power adapter 4 usb
  • 1 x manual user
  • 1 x free gift from us.
  • Before postage we will check condition of good.

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